Our orchards, our mission

To give meaning

From the orchards to its workshop, the evolution of La Fruitière du Val Evel mission shows that it never disowned its heritage : nature, authenticity, the good fruit which we take pleasure in growing, picking, processing, and tasting. That is undoubtedly the path we follow, by sticking to naturalness, to naturally good products to match our clients requirements. Today, the obsession of taste is linked to our way of working and shared by teams which are passionate by good-quality work.

To source and process the fruit …

One aspect of La Fruitière du Val Evel profession is to look for the best terroirs, and to build a direct relationship with producers from all around the world, chosen for their fruit showing an uncompromising quality and notable terroir and origin. Our expertise is based on the selection of raw material depending on variety, origin, ripeness at harvest, and food safety criterias. This long term commitment is your warranty of quality.

An other aspect of the profession is to identify and choose the producer for its ability, thanks to his know-how, to preserve all the qualities of this terroir, until we take it over for you. Afterwards, during processing, when we choose to combine several terroirs or varieties, it is because they provide a unique aromatic touch. Signatures “Sélection La Fruitière”, “Origin” or “Variety” plainly express this expertise.

… for food lovers.

Sourcing, processing and assembling professions are the know-how of La Fruitière du Val Evel. It knew how to adapt and respond to professionnals requirements, who are always more demanding, while doing everything to keep the taste essence and preserve naturalness.

All of these actions leads to a large assortment of high quality fruit purees, chilled and frozen, approved by taste lovers. We endeavour to nurture our know-how and our difference, for our clients.