High quality, safe and authentic natural fruit purees and coulis.

At the service of Artisan Chefs and other lovers of taste in pastry shops, ice-cream parlours, restaurants, bars and breweries.

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Schéma Profil Aromatique
Aromatic profile
Taste, naturally

Aromatic profile

The search for the right taste of fruit purees processed as close as possible to fresh fruit and the description of an aromatic profile for each of them are there to meet the first criterion of choice of artisan chefs: taste. Because the aromatic signature of a fruit is complex and unique, the aromatic profile of each processed fruit becomes the starting point for all your inspirations and creations.


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La Fruitière du Val Evel

A family company since 1962

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La Fruitière du Val Evel is the story of the Guillemin family, which for two generations has been committed to cultivating exceptional red fruit in its own orchards, to making the most of its expertise in the selection of good fruit, and to always using ultra-innovative and high-performance processes.

In the heart of the family orchard,
a cultivated know-how

20 Ha of Blackcurrant, Bramble Raspberry, Méco Raspberry from Val Evel and Gooseberry crops.

Nearly 80 seasonal workers in manual harvesting.

Permanent team of 27 people who contribute to the smooth running of the activity

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A certified quality approach

The higher level IFS Food V6 standard certifies the implementation and monitoring of purchasing, manufacturing (HACCP), organisation and marketing processes, all of which contribute to the food safety of products and, more generally, to customer satisfaction.

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Tasteful and practical innovations

Use of the unique high performance HPP high pressure cold processing process, offering a complete range of multi-format fresh fruit purees and coulis with a taste comparable to that of the frozen range.

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