Taste, naturally

The search for the right taste of fruit purees processed as close as possible to fresh fruit and the description of an aromatic profile for each of them are there to meet the first criterion of choice of artisan chefs: taste. Because the aromatic signature of a fruit is complex and unique, the aromatic profile of each processed fruit becomes the starting point for all your inspirations and creations.

Taste Obsession

Research and development, production, sales and marketing teams consistenly keep a high level of requirement to provide healthy and safe products, with consistent quality. When processing the fruit purees, we look for the taste the closest to the fresh fruit and the description on an aromatic profile for each one of them, as the taste remains one of chefs’ choice criterias.

Thanks to Armel Bureau, professional oenologist from the french oenology college (DUAD, Bordeaux 1999), each aromatic profile illustrates the structure of the flavour of the fruit, in order to give you a global impression of its power and aromatic consistency, summarized in two key-words. And finally, to give you a precise idea of the taste before tasting it, as the starting point of all your inspirations … The choice between two technical solutions follows, frozen or chilled HP, which are perfectly adapted to your new uses and organisations, to support you fully on your creations, without compromise on the taste.