Chilled HP Range


Chilled HP fruit coulis


Made by peeling, pitting, refining and blending Alphonso variety from West India and Chato De Ica variety from Peru.

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Produit fraisChilled HP fruit coulis
24% of cane sugar 24% of cane sugar
India and Peru India and Peru
Alphonso and Chato de Ica Alphonso and Chato de Ica
HP cold pasteurization HP cold pasteurization
The Aromatic profile

Aromatic profile


Mango Coulis very accurate on the fineness and delicacy of the fruit, expressing a beautiful lenght on the finish.

Brix scale

Brix / 26 +/- 2 °B

Brix degree is the sugar content of a product. One degree Brix is 1g of sucrose for 100g of solution.



Nutritional declaration per 100 g

Energy Kj 436 Kj Energy Kcal 103 kcal
Fat 0,2 g Fatty acids 0 g
Carbohydrates 24,1 g Sugar 23,7 g
Fiber 1,3 g Protein <0,5 g
Sodium 2,5 mg Salt 0,01 g

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