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Quality-oriented company policy

Since 1962, year of creation of the company, we have always highlighted the quality of our finished products. Committed in a quality approach, concretized by the renewal of IFS certification (December 2014),  La Fruitière du Val Evel is part of a continuous improvement process, which aims to guarantee our customers the availability of healthy  and safe products, while developing sustainable performance of the company, in compliance with the various regulations (hygiene, labeling, traceability, ...). The development of our business is based on five major trends that guide our daily actions: meet customer expectations, ensure food safety and quality of our products, improve our competitiveness, develop staff involvement, and integrate environmental issues. A single goal: customer satisfaction through the quality of our products, our services and our reactivity.

Innovation at the heart of our business

Driven by innovation, La Fruitière du Val Evel continually improves its production tools and processes, in the manufacture of its products. The year 2015 has been marked by the arrival of major innovations in our core business, such as the re-cultivation of an exceptional forgotten fruit "The Tayberry", and the launch of ChilledHP prepared fruits. And now today, it offers the 1st ChilledHP range, dedicated to food professionals!

PROCESS innovation
  • 1997, 1st range of ambient fruit purees in doypack bags with a cap (Isogone Award)
TECHNOLOGY innovation
  • 2006, new production site 
  • Flash-pasteurization installation by ohmic treatment, that demonstrates our commitment to use a high performance transformation process.
PRODUCT innovation
  • 2007, 1st fruit preparation ready-to-prepare "Pâte de Fruits Minute", award-winning SIRHA Innovation Awards 2007.
  • 2011, Frozen Flavors Pearls, sweet & savory cooking aids, SIRHA Innovation Award 2011
  • 2013, Frozen vinegars to grate, cooking aids, SIRHA Innovation Award 2013
FRUIT innovation
  • 2015, launch of the "Tayberry", a forgotten fruit exclusively cultivated in the orchards of La Fruitière du Val Evel.
CONCEPT Innovation
  • 2015, launch of the brand LES TOQUÉS DU FRUIT in supermarkets: a ChilledHP range of prepared fruits, to cook desserts by yourself.
PROCESS Innovation
  • 2016, launch of the 1st ChilledHP Range of purees, coulis and desserts sauces (cold conditioning and High Pressure treatment).

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