Story of a Breton orchard since 1962

La Fruitière du Val EvelLa Fruitière Naizin

La Fruitière du Val Evel, a family company

For two generations, the Guillemin family has been growing red berries on their farm. Blackcurrant, raspberry, redcurrant and newly an exceptional fruit, the Tayberry, symbolize the terroir quality. In this way, they carry on the company history where it began, on the Val Evel hills in Brittany.

Famille Guillemin

The Tayberry, from Val Evel

The cultivation of a new fruit was a challenge.  We spent three years adapting our cultivation methods to harvest this deliciously sweet, fragile fruit. Harvested fruits are of an exceptional quality, long and conical, with a beautiful purple-red brightness.  By combining our passion, know-how and inginuity, we bring you the best experience of this remarkable fruit.

Frédéric Guillemin,
Chairman of La Fruitière du Val Evel

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