Blackberry and chocolate verrine

Blackberry and chocolate verrine

par Manuel Bouillet

Twins’ Creative Lab

International Pastry Consultant

Taipei, Taiwan



Blackberry blackcurrant chocolate “crémeux”

Chocolate “Pain de Gênes”

Blackberry blackcurrant “confit”

Saint Domingue 70% chocolate crunchy

Mascarpone blackberry tea chantilly

Blackcurrant translucent jelly


Recipe and assembly for 12 pcs:

  • Pour the “crémeux” mixture in the bottom of the verrine and let it set in the freezer.
  • Add the “confit” and let it set again.
  • Cut the chocolate biscuit to 5.5 cm then place it on the confit.
  • Add the chocolate rice crunchy and poach a generous rosette of blackberry tea chantilly.
  • Cut the blackcurrant jelly with a 6 cm pastry cutter and place on the chantilly
  • Decorate with blackcurrant seeds and small blue flowers.


Download the recipe in PDF