Redcurrant, peach and almond clafoutis cup

Redcurrant, peach and almond clafoutis cup

par Manuel Bouillet

Twins’ Creative Lab

International Pastry Consultant

Taipei, Taiwan



Redcurrant mousse

Redcurrant “confit”

Peach rustic clafoutis

Almond mascarpone chantilly

Almond sablé dough

Sweet almonds

Redcurrant coulis


Recipe and assembly for 12 pcs:

  • Pipe the redcurrant mousse at the bottom of the cup then freeze.
  • Cast the redcurrant “confit” and let set.
  • Cut the peach clafoutis in small cubes and add on top of the “confit”.
  • Pipe the almond chantilly and decorate with the almond crumble, the sweet almonds, the diced peaches.
  • Add the pipette of redcurrant coulis and a few small pieces of dried raspberries.


Download the recipe in PDF