Sorbet full fruit mango

Sorbet full fruit mango

par Alain Chartier

Alain Chartier

M.O.F 2000 & Ice-cream world champion 2003

Vannes (France)



Water 286 g
Sugar 275 g
La Fruitière 100% Mango Puree 1 000 g
Atomised glucose 100 g
Sorbet Stabilizer 6 g


  • Mix 90% of the sugar with atomised glucose
  • Heat the water and add the sugars to 40°C
  • Mix the stabilizer with the remaining sugar between 40°C and 50°C
  • Pasteurise the syrup at 85°C
  • Mix with the mango puree
  • Control the °brix of the syrup to reach 31-33 °brix
  • Allow the sorbet mix to mature for at least 4 hours
  • Pour the sorbet mix into the ice cream maker
  • Extract the sorbet at -7° to 9°c and freeze quickly


Tables of use