Framboise de ronce

The Tayberry, from Val Evel

For decades, La Fruitière du Val Evel has grown a variety of red berries on their own farm. Over the past few years, determined to inspire new and innovative products, the company focused on commercially launching an exceptional yet rare fruit: The Tayberry.

Framboise de ronceThe Tayberry, a natural cross between the wild blackberry tree (Rubus Ursinus) and the raspberry bush (Rubus Idaeus), was discovered by chance in Santa Cruz, CA in 1881 by American horticulturist James Harvey Logan. A century later, while at the Scottish Horticulture Research Institute on the River Tay, Derek Jennings recreated this crossbreed, dedicating it to the location of its modern and commercial origin: 'Tayberry'. Its atypical and incomparable aromatic notes incited us to put back in culture this variety on the Val Evel lands.

Framboise de ronceNaturally rich in sugar, fiber, minerals and antioxidants, the Tayberry is sweeter than a raspberry, being noticeably less tart than the raspberry or blackberry. Its unique flavor and aroma  inspires pastry chefs around the world. Chefs are seduced by the aromatic strength of the fruit: complex, with a long finish, tinged with floral notes for some, woody for the others … They share with you their recipes, carefully crafted to spark your creativity!

Framboise de ronce

The cultivation of a new fruit was a challenge.  We spent three years adapting our cultivation methods to harvest this deliciously sweet, fragile fruit. Harvested fruits are of an exceptional quality, long and conical, with a beautiful purple-red brightness.  By combining our passion, know-how and inginuity, we bring you the best experience of this remarkable fruit.

Frédéric Guillemin,
Chairman of La Fruitière du Val Evel

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