Recipe made by Yvonnick Le Maux
World vice-champion Chocolate maker 2007.
Pontivy and Loudéac.

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Cake : 

  • Butter 160g
  • Sugar 555g
  • Lime zest 3g
  • Salt 1g
  • Eggs 400g
  • Cream 35% 255g
  • Baking 15g
  • Flour 435g


Tayberry insert :

  • Tayberry fruit puree 240g
  • Sugar 24g
  • Yellow pectin 6g
  • Sugar 251g
  • Glucose 70g
  • Citric acid solution 7g


Cake : 

  • With a whisk, mix the butter and sugar, with lime zests and the salt.
  • Add the eggs then the cream.
  • Smoothly incorporate the flour mixed with the baking.


Tayberry insert :

  • Heat the Tayberry fruit puree to 40°c
  • Incorporate the sugar, the pectin, and the glucose
  • Bake to 107°c
  • In the end of baking, add the citric acid solution.
  • Put in 20x18cm frame.


Finishing :

  • Stuff the buttered and floured bread pan with 450g of cake preparation.
  • Chop the Tayberry fruit paste in 5x18cm.
  • Put the insert on the cake.
  • Put in an oven heated at 180°c on heated plate during 15 minutes.
  • Then 15 minutes more at 160°c temperature.


The chef quote : "It is better to directly bake the cake, without letting the paste rest. Baking on heated plate is better to stabilise the insert"

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