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Frozen fruit purees, IQF

La Fruitière du Val Evel insures that only selected fruits and cane sugar are used to make these natural fruit purees. They are guaranteed free from preservatives, GMOs, colourings or flavours added during the manufacturing process. Pasteurized or not, purees are packed in 1 kg tray or 10kg bucket with cold filling method, then deep-frozen. 

In order to make your everyday easier, the main thing is clearly labelled on the packaging : if the product contains cane sugar (5%, 7% or 10%) or not, the origin of the fruit or the choice of a recipe "Selection La Fruitiere" and thanks to a translucent tray, you will be able to tell at a glance what the flavour is.

Sans sucre ajouté  Sucre de cannes  Sélection La Fruitière

Fruit purees50 available flavours in 1kg tray and 10kg bucket. 
1 Raspberry coulis (80% fruit) packed in a 500g translucent doypack bag, with reseable cap. 
IQF fruits15 fruits references are packed at source in 1kg bag and in bulk, with our partner producers 1Kg et vrac, auprès de nos fournisseurs partenaires.


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