Recipe made by Maëlig Georgelin
Pastry Au Petit Prince,
Relais Desserts
Etel, Auray, and Baud.


Cocoa Sponge Biscuit :

  • Egg whites 240g
  • Egg yolks 135g
  • Sugar 145g
  • Starch 85g
  • Cocoa powder 40g
  • Flour type 45 40g


55% Hazelnutpraline Crémeux (25g/base + 8g/filling) :

  • Cream 35% fat 23g
  • Gelatine powder 200 bloom 1g
  • Water for gelatine 5g
  • HazelnutPraline 55% 150g
  • Cream 35% fat 80g


Tayberry Mousse (45g per Savarin mould) :

  • Tayberry fruit puree 250g
  • Gelatine powder 200 bloom 7g
  • Water for gelatine 35g
  • Sugar 38g
  • Tayberry fruit puree 35g
  • Egg whites 21g
  • Whipped cream 200g


Tayberry Glaze :

  • Tayberry fruit puree 50g
  • Neutral glaze 200g


Cocoa Sponge Biscuit :

  • Beat the egg whites until stiff and add the sugar.
  • Then pour the egg yolks. 
  • Add the powders.
  • Spread on an oven plate.
  • Bake at 200°C (open oven door)


55% HAZELNUTPRALINE CREMEUX (25g/base + 8g/filling) :

  • Sprinklegelatineovercold waterand let stand.
  • Heat the first part of cream and add the gelatine mass.
  • Emulsify by pouring in minimum 3 times the cream onto the hazelnut praline.
  • Gradually add the second part of cold cream while mixing.
  • Put in the fridge for 24 hours.


Tayberry Mousse (45g per Savarin mould) :

  • Sprinkle gelatine over cold water and let stand.
  • Take 50g of the first part of puree and add the gelatine mass to melt. Pour over the rest of the puree.
  • Cook at 118°C the sugar and second part of puree. Pour over the egg whites to make an Italian meringue.
  • Make a whipped cream.
  • Mix the 3 elements.
  • Pour 45g per round Savarin mould.
  • Freeze.


Taybeery Glaze :

  • Heat to 80°C.
  • Use with a spray gun.


Assembly and finishing :

  • In a baked tartlet shell, place a little bit of cremeux.  
  • Put a circle of sponge biscuit of 5 cm.
  • With a piping bag, pour 25/30g of cremeux and smooth to the brim. Freeze.
  • Unmould the Tayberry mousse. Spray with Tayberry glaze.
  • Put the glazed Tayberry mousse onto the cremeux.
  • Put some cremeux in the heart of the Tayberry mousse and lay down a very thin milk chocolate disc. Finish with a roasted hazelnut.
  • Decorate around the tartlet with roasted chopped hazelnuts.

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