CHILLED Purees, Coulis and Dessert sauces, with cold pasteurization.

Committed to innovation, La Fruitière du Val Evel has developed the first range of chilled fruit purees and coulis (+2°C/+6°C with a shelf-life of 8 months) that are produced following a unique process of cold conditioning and high-performance processing by high pressure.

This technological technique preserves the taste, nutritional and organoleptic properties which are closest to fresh fruit.

Our natural fruit PUREES are made with select fruits and cane sugar, and are ready-to-use as an ingredient in pastry, ice cream, chocolate, sweet confectionery, cooking and cocktails.

16 of our Fruit Purees are naturally sweetened with 10% of cane sugar (Mango contains less at 7%, as its recipe is made from a subtle blend of 2 naturally sweet, exceptional varieties). 

Our natural COULIS and Dessert SAUCES are made with select fruits or top quality ingredients  and cane sugar, and are ready-to-serve, ideal for chefs in restaurants, for ice creams and desserts (e.g. tarts, cottage cheese, panna cotta, pancakes, waffles), and also for barmen for using in cocktails.

10 of our Coulis Dessert sauces contain 76% to 82% fruit, depending on the flavour, along with two traditional recipes - Butterscotch and pure cocoa butter Chocolate. 


Fresh Excellence HP, Premium and Environmentally responsible.

The term Fresh Excellence HP, represents La Fruitière du Val Evel's focus on quality, innovation and the service we provide to our customers worldwide.

All technical data is formatted on our packaging in order to highlight the quality of our products: from the fruit content, the fruit's origin, the choice of flavour "Sélection La Fruitière" and the Brix degree. These are the essential quality indicators that dedicated food professionals look for.

Fresh Excellence HP, also represents our commitment to the environment, with a 30% reduction of plastic materials used in the packaging, thanks to the choice of a doypack bag, combined with a convenient screw cap. Our Doypacks also distinguish our purees from our coulis-dessert sauces, with a green versus a red screw cap, making daily tasks easier.

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